We focus on community-development through cultural and artistic initiatives. Most of our work is co-produced and co-ideated with partners from different fields.


Entrepreneurial Education

ReGen is a training program for aspiring cultural & artistic entrepreneurs. We focus on increasing their Research, Prototyping & Fundraising capacity.
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Aarhus Soup

Neighbour to neighbour investment.

Aarhus Soup is a grassroots platform where local ideas get support by other locals in a creative safe space.
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Embassy Aarhus

International Art Residencies

Embassy is a hub for back-to-back music collaborations. We help artists in Denmark and abroad to travel and build bridges between their communities
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C-cube Podcast

Community Stories

This was our first project ever. With the help of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and cultural managers in Denmark and abroad, we discover hundreds of stories that shaped C-Cube.
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Our Educational Philosophy

Peer-to-peer education cuts across all of C-Cube’s projects. With the help of Erasmus+, we design, deliver, and promote learning activities that are multiculture at their core.
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We love working with interns, volunteers and new project leaders. Let us know what opportunities you are looking for!
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We have partners in 10+ countries, and counting! Let us know if you are interested in working with us.