Aarhus Soup

Aarhus Soup is a crowdfunding dinner and educational platform for local change-makers to grow and involve their communities further.

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What have we done so far...

15 Soup dinners hosted, and counting!

We have supported 50+ project-makers to pitch in front of a total of over 600 neighbours in Aarhus to get feedback, investment, and volunteers.
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Communities can be very creative and solidary if it is simple for people to come together openly. Soup serves as the platform for locals to co-create new value.
Javier Esteves


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Partners: Amics Erasmus UKH Aarhus Kommune
During our dynamic journey, we have worked with several partners. They helped us get high-quality resources for good training programs and promotion materials.

1,500,000 DKK

And we have raised this much for them!

Feb, 2021

May, 2021

Dec, 2021

April, 2022

Aug, 2022

Feb, 2023

July, 2023


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